Dishwasher icon, Icon dishwasher, Bedroom dishwasher bed, Bathroom

Dishwasher icon, Icon dishwasher, Bedroom dishwasher bed, Bathroom free png
Dishwasher icon, Icon dishwasher, Bedroom dishwasher bed, Bathroom Transparent Free PNG
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Here you can download Dishwasher icon, Icon dishwasher, Bedroom dishwasher bed, Bathroom transparent png for evaluation. The Dishwasher icon, Icon dishwasher, Bedroom dishwasher bed, Bathroom fit to artwork related to text, line, symbol.

The png file is medium quality clipart and it has a resolution of 1200x630 and occupies about 63.96KB disk space.

Usually the file is provided for personal use and non-commercial use and is distributed in accordance with the DMCA, but may be specified otherwise in the "about license" section.

Dimensions what resolution (px) picture has 1200 x 630
Filesize how much disk space the file occupies 63.96KB
MIME type file formats and format contents image/png
The PNG Clipart Dishwasher Icon, Icon Dishwasher, Bedroom Dishwasher Bed, Bathroom file easy to modify via any graphic editor like GIMP, Adobe Photoshop, or Adobe Illustrator.
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